Chocolate Christmas Drop Cookies

Last week my husband and I attended one of our favorite parties of the year. A pre-Thanksgiving dinner. A Friends-Giving, if you will. There were about 150 guests this year and each couple brought a side dish or dessert to share. I brought these super chocolaty, ooey gooey cookies and they were gone in a flash. Now, these aren't the super healthy, vegan, gluten-free type of cookies I often post here. These are the real deal, perfect for holiday gift-giving, type of cookies. Made with DOVE® PROMISES® Dark Chocolate, these cookies are the best chocolate cookies I have ever had. They are made with melted chocolates, cocoa powder, AND chunks of DOVE® PROMISES® Dark Chocolate. These chocolates are so smooth and creamy and make deliciously rich cookies. 
My littlest helper loved unwrapping the chocolates. 


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Description: Chocolate Christmas Drop Cookies
Rating: 4.5
Reviewed by: mangan jagung
On: 4:30 AM