Healthy Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies {gluten free}

A healthier chocolate chip cookie that's just as tasty as the old recipe you're used to, but gluten-free and easily grain free or vegan. 
gluten free chocolate chip cookies
This morning my preschooler and I headed to the gym for her swimming lesson. But when I told her it was time for her lesson she was not happy. Not happy AT all. Full blown hysteria ensued. Thankfully her instructor was very understanding and agreed we should take the week off. I thought I was in the clear and it would be smooth sailing - ha! The moment we got in the car meltdown number 2 began. "But Mommy you said we could get a special tweeeet after swimming. Can we at weeeest make cookies at home?" she sobbed. 
almond flour chocolate chip cookies
Because being three can be tough. And because I am weak. And because I wanted cookies too, darn it, she won this one and we made the cookies. But I was not about to use white sugar and flour. I've been having great success baking with almond flour and almond meal lately (helllooo favorite Chocolate Muffins) and it's so much more nutritious. I didn't just love how healthy these cookies are compared to traditional chocolate chippers, I loved the nutty cake-like taste as well. I think I might even add a little almond extract  next time to play up the almond. 

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Description: Healthy Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies {gluten free}
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