Mulberry Mint Margaritas (virgin or not)

Last week a couple of my mommy friends and toddlers/preschoolers got together for a playdate (mommy happy hour) that included mulberry picking and margarita making. Doesn't that just sound like the perfect way to start the summer? The kids loved plucking the berries off the tree and popping them straight into their mouths. The few that ended up in buckets were blended with ice, fresh mint, and lime juice for the most refreshing summery margarita. It's easy to make these virgin slushies and they would be just as fresh and tassty - just leave any alcohol out. Mulberries are not very common here. If they're uncommon where you are, simply use this recipe and swap the mulberries out for raspberries or blackberries. A fresh raspberry and mint margarita sounds heavenly. 

A mulberry tree may be my next garden purchase. One tree produces many many berries. A good shake of the trunk and berries come tumbling down. 
Are you singing "all around the mulberry bush..." yet? 

Thank you, Elena for the playdate! 

Berry Mint Margarita Recipe 
Recipe after the break: 

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