Healthy and Simple Coconut Ice Cream Recipe {Vegan}

After we opened that coconut, we enjoyed some of the flesh plain, but got a little bored with it. I threw some left over pieces in the food processor with some coconut milk, agave syrup, and stevia, and voila - I had a healthy ice cream recipe. Yummy Hubby, who happens to be a major coconut lover, said this was way tastier than ice cream store coconut ice cream. This ice cream is surprisingly creamy considering it has only 4 ingredients and is dairy-free. Some chopped chocolate chunks or crushed pineapple would be delicious added to the mix! What would you add? 

Recipe after the break! 
Description: Healthy and Simple Coconut Ice Cream Recipe {Vegan}
Rating: 4.5
Reviewed by: mangan jagung
On: 6:43 AM