Super Skinny Double Chocolate Oat Cookies (gluten free)

Chocolate for breakfast? Why yes! Naturally sweet - check! Packed with fiber and protein - check! Wheat free - check! 

Lately I've been seeing some delicious looking healthy chocolate muffins over on Pinterest. And they have left me with a major chocolate craving. So I decided to try creating a healthy super chocolaty cookie over the weekend. These get their moistness from Greek yogurt and applesauce instead of fat, and their sweetness from stevia, a tiny bit of agave (because I don't care for things too stevia-y) instead of sugar. When I started writing this post I called these "breakfast cookies" but I scratched that idea because here I sit typing at 10 PM enjoying one. 

 You know when you just have to have something warm and gooey and chocolatey? But also would like to fit into your pants the next day? Well these are the solution. 

The girls were pretty excited about having chocolate cookies for breakfast and loved dunking them in milk. Let's just keep the healthy part to ourselves, okay? 

Description: Super Skinny Double Chocolate Oat Cookies (gluten free)
Rating: 4.5
Reviewed by: mangan jagung
On: 6:34 PM